Class of 2023

DS accepted! Trustee scholarship. Biochemistry and BS/MS 3+1 program. Very excited. Definite contender. Applied 8/1.

My daughter was accepted this morning with a $20,000/year Dean’s Scholarship. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. We never visited, she didn’t submit SAT scores and we don’t fill out the FAFSA. OOS (NJ), full pay. Film major. 3.7 UWGPA No APs, handful of honors courses junior and senior year, no 4th year of math, never took physics. (I mention this because it was against the advice of the guidance counselor). A lot of visual and performing arts involvement, including high school courses and ECs in and out of school. National English Honor Society.

Accepted to 5 year education program, major education & deans scholarship. 3.4 gpa and mid act score. A lot of volunteering w kids

@My3Daughters - CONGRATS! When was her application submitted?

@hrich1701 and @My3Daughters congrats! When were the applications submitted and did they receive emails to check the portal?

@AJRmom and @BobMahloonga My daughter submitted 9/18 and received an email this morning to check the portal.

Accepted last night with merit scholarship! Applied 10/24 got the checklist on 11/9 :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if Quinnipiac sends a physical acceptance letter in the mail?

I mean in addition to the online portal

Has anyone who applied around 11/2 received a decision yet?

@dreamthief001, Yes Quinnapiac does. We received ours yesterday, so 3 days after ortal.

@dreamthief001 congrats! Did you get an email as well to check the portal? My D applied for PT and hasn’t heard yet anyone else waiting for PT?

My daughter received her financial information yesterday in the mail for DPT, $28,000 each year. It’s definitely in her top 3.

@Mjkacmom Congrats! When did she apply?

@AJRmom yep i got an email this morning, but i hadn’t checked the portal in a while so it could have been there for longer

She applied about a month ago? She received an email last week. Based on her friends, it appears it could be alphabetical?

Alphabetical by last name?

Yes, just basing this on who heard back. This is a safety school for some of her friends, and they applied around the same time she did and haven’t heard. The only friend who heard back also has a last name starting with C.

They review applications in the order that they are submitted, not alphabetically.

I submitted in early October, so I am just wondering.