Class of 2023

Who’s applying? My son is applying to Electrical and Computer Engineering program. Visited back in October–have to say I was impressed. He wasn’t 100% impressed, but have since found out that music minor is an interest for him. We would need to find out if there is a fit for him there…he’s a cellist. Anyone else?

My son has applied for Finance. B+ student with matching SAT, so we will see what happens…We have visited twice. The campus is “just OK”. I don’t think anyone would say that it’s beautiful. Rowan seems to have grown and gained in reputation. We are in-state so it’s a good affordable option. Campus life seems pretty good, with activities available. Kids should be able to have a good time and get involved. But it is still hard to determine if it is a suitcase school.

Yeah I agree with your assessment of the campus. The program of electrical and computer engineering is impressive. My son would actually have a problem with the one dorm (the older one that started with an M…shared bathroom between 2 rooms. The doorways are too low for him and the shower would hit him at the chest. We would need to request a dorm with higher doors. M

And he’s in! Five down, three more to go on the first round of app’s. (He wants Ivy, so we’ll see)

My S is in for the 5 year Athletic Trainer Masters degree program. He applied to the school but hasn’t visited yet. Does anyone know anything about this program?

@blueskies12 You should definitely check out an open house (there’s one on December 2nd). I believe the Athletic Training faculty will be there.

We will, but not until after wrestling season

My son got accepted, but does anyone know when the merit awards are sent?

The admissions department must be on fire this year! Last few years acceptances weren’t out until December!
In the past few years, it was not until January that merit scholarship info was sent. Best of luck!

Both my kids are set to graduate in May. They moved in the end of August, and I am seeing them Thanksgiving weekend for only the second time since. They love it there.

@NJRoadie I have to say thank you for your insight on this school. We visited back in October and I was quite impressed with the Electrical and Computer Engineering program. The professor that gave the intro was dynamic and the facility is quite impressive. My son wants an Ivy, but it’s hit or miss in getting in. He has the stats, but so do 30k other applicants. I think this school is a good alternative although he has acceptances at a few other colleges. Good luck to your kids!

My son received his acceptance letter yesterday, Mechanical Engineering, We haven’t visited the school yet, but he applied due to the increasing reputation of the engineering program. Now we will have to get down there to make an official visit. Congrats to all who’ve heard back!

Thank you for your kind words. Others here have helped me earlier in this process, and I like to share where I can.

I think the Ivy league aspiration is great, but will throw out the money question. Ivies do not give merit aid, only financial aid. I don’t know anything of your financial situation, but advise you to compare costs when you eventually get all the data. I know it is hard to avoid the starry eyes :slight_smile: of the Ivy league name cachet, but do consider the debt load as appropriate.

Best of luck!

My son was accepted into the physics department. His top two choices are TCNJ and Rowan, so now we wait for TCNJ and merit offers. Any idea when merit offers will come?

@sigamy I think you hear that about all the state schools. Rowan is definitely not a suitcase college anymore. S17 is a sophomore. This has been his first weekend home; all his friends stay almost every weekend as well.

@01kids03 that would be Mimosa - the crappy dorm when I wasn’t there in the late 80’s!

Admitted Comp Sci major…how long do we have to wait for merit $?

In the past four years, merit aid info has begun to be released in mid to late January. If you search thru here, you can see some of the past award amounts. The amounts offered have dipped over the last few classes as the quality of the candidates has increased. That said, the amounts were still significantly higher than any of the other state public schools offered, with the same rough COA.
TCNJ (my own alma mater) has been doing fundraising to increase their merit offers, so we’ll see what they offer this year! Both are excellent schools.

My DS got an envelope from Rowan yesterday. He won’t be home until later today. Since it’s one of his top choices, I’m dying here. I did try to hold it up to the light and think I saw something saying “welcome to a world of change” or something. I just put it on his bed to I’m not tempted to actually open it.

@NJWrestlingmom yeah, if he chooses to go here, we would need to request a different dorm. That Mimosa is definitely not a fit (no pun intended). He like the Holly Pointe building though.

@NJRoadie like I said, the Ivy is a long shot. And we’ve had the talk about affordability as in he will be weighing all of his options once we get the financial aid awards. He even said, “I’m going to wherever gives me the most money”.

@01kids03 -
Make sure he understands that he wants to go to the lowest overall cost place. That is probably what he meant, but we walked thru some scenarios with kids we’ve assisted over the years. It is hard for some to understand that if College A costs 30 and gives you 5, it is still cheaper than college B which costs 60 and gives you 30 :slight_smile:

I think the vast majority of freshman go into HoPoCo. It is a huge capacity dorm. If he decides to go there, I suggest you sign up for housing and pay the deposit ASAP - they do seem to assign housing on a first paid/first served basis.