Class of 2024 Admissions Decisions - Towson University

Just saw on Towson admission twitter that they sent out the first round of admission letters on 11/15! Hoping everyone gets their decisions this week. Please post stats, when applied and decision. Good Luck!

I received my acceptance today 11/18!
GPA: 3.6 weighted
Activities: Volunteer, 2 jobs, 2 varsity sport captains.
Met admission counselor when he came to my school and made good impression.
Out of state NY

Congratulations seniorstudent20 !!

GPA: 3.7 unweighted
ACT composit 29
In State

I received my acceptance in the mail 11/23!! (in-state)

GPA: 4.17 weighted
SAT: 1330

  • National Honor Society Officer
  • SLC President
  • Varsity Girls Soccer captain
  • 5 Honor Societies
  • Best Buddies
  • Multiple Academic awards
  • Lifeguard
  • Internship with orthopedic surgeon
    Applied: 11/11

Congrats to all! My dd is finishing up her application this week.

DD has been accepted! One of her top three picks! Congrats to everyone!

Congratulations! Great news!!

Got accepted. Sat 1260 gpa 3.36. In states. Did anyone receive the merit scholarship yet.

@Sat2020 Was told merit will be sent at a later date sometime in Feb

Accepted! :smiley:

GPA- 4.1666
ACT- 23 (superscored)
Academic Decathlon
BEST Robotics
FTC Robotics
Big Sister, Little Sister program
National Honor Society

Did anyone do the Financial Aid Webex yesterday? I missed the session, but they emailed the presentation. Scholarships will go out the end of January for eligible students and Financial Aid is mailed March 1st.

So hoping for some type of aid…out of state tuition is a little more than I want to spend. :smile:

Received acceptance letter 12/13
Dance BFA (accepted to pre-dance via audition)
GPA 3.96 UW/4.38 W
ACT 32
Lots of ECs (Performing arts mostly)

Now we wait for honors and merit aid…

Son accepted. Applied 10/13, decision sent early Nov.

GPA: 4.35 weighted, 3.7 UW
SAT: 1290
All Honors/8 APs

  • Captain, varsity golf
  • VP, Best Buddies
  • Editor in chief, newspaper
  • PT job
    In state, business

Applied: Nov. 15, Accepted: Right before December
In State
GPA- 3.916
ACT- 26
National Honor Society
Green Team
Student Government
Dance Ministry

Merit has started coming out. My son got a Provost of 3500/yr. But of course he wants to go OOS!

@julpamd Congrats on the merit. How did they notify your son? Mail or email?
Towson is OOS for us, so hoping for a scholarship.

old school mail.

We got a merit letter today. Provost Scholarship, $12K/year for OOS.
ACT 32, GPA 3.96 UW/4.38 W

Congratulation! That def makes the OOS tuition less painful. ?