Class of 2024 Admissions

Anyone heard yet about admittance for Fall 2020? If so, scholarship and stats?

I think they’ll start releasing decisions in the beginning of November!

A friend of my son did receive notice in the mail yesterday, including scholarship information. I found that out shortly after posted the initial post above. Letter was dated 10/16/19, so I guess they are reviewing and accepting.

When did they submit their application?

I’m not sure. Another friend of my son’s also heard back late last week. She had applied in late September/early October.

My son received his acceptance to Loyola last week. It took close to 3 weeks from the time of his application submission.

How are the decisions provided? Physical letter or through the student’s LUC portal?

Through the LUC portal.

My daughter first received notice through the portal and then we received a follow up in the mail. Presidential scholarship from Loyola - very pleased! Her decision came two weeks after completing her application.

would you guys mind posting stats??

Stats -

GPA - 3.86 unweighted, 4.0 weighted. Our HS only weights AP, not honors
Mostly honors & AP classes
34 ACT (superscore)
ECs include speech (captain) DECA (officer), soccer, NHS, peer mentoring.

They said anyone with at least a 33 ACT and 3.5 GPA will be invited to apply for the Ignatian scholarship, so we should at least have a shot.

My G20 was admitted into nursing this morning, applied on 10/13. Her stats 1380 SAT, 3.8 unweighted, 4.1 weighted, 5 AP classes, many ECs including captain of swim team. Offered 25K presidential scholarship.

Anyone else apply early October and not hear yet?. Applied on 10/2. 4.3 weighted, 1500 SAT and plenty of EC’s.

My S20 applied in September with similar stats. No word yet. Out of state if that matters.

Applied in September; Transcript submitted by high school in mid October. From out of state–no word yet.

DD got her acceptance yesterday in the mail (I don’t think she was checking her portal) with Presidential Scholarship. 1410 SAT, 4.4 weighted, 3.92 unweighted. She submitted application 3 weeks ago. Soccer player, officer of school clubs, volunteer work.

We applied in September - out of state and have not heard.

Did they receive notice that their applications are complete? Is it possible that something is missing (such as teacher recommendations?)

Daughter accepted today. Loyola Scholarship for $22k per year. 32 ACT, 3.6 unweighted GPA.

Did she find out on portal or via mail?