Class of 2024 Admissions

So my D just received her acceptance email from St. John’s … no information on scholarship yet … She has strong test scores 35/1540 and strong GPA 4.67 weighted

Does anyone know how long before scholarship is announced? There were no changes to her portal, only the email acceptance thus far.

My son also heard from St. John’s today via email only. Letter detailing scholarship to follow the email stated. Congrats!

Congrats to your son as well! Yes the email did say that, but “a couple of weeks” is a vague term and puts us dead in the holidays … In all of this application/acceptance/award nightmare that is senior year of high school I have become weary of all the wait. :slight_smile:

My son got the same email yesterday.

Received the same email today. I would guess that the letter should arrive within a week.

My scholarship notification didn’t show up on my portal until 12/23. I hope you all have received some good news since posting. Despite not hearing about scholarships for 2 weeks after acceptance, I already knew about my scholarship because I did on site admissions and already received my scholarship package from my admissions counselor in person! I’m not committing just yet but I am definitely considering St. John’s to be one of my top choices!!

Son received scholarship information from the portal update.

Yup, we are pretty happy … Presidential scholarship full tuition … proud of my D, she really earned it!
A little concerned about the high cost or R&B but will be weighing all our options in the Spring.