Class of 2024 Profile

Sorry @JBStillFlying for hijacking your thread. But this is a really good promotional video for Class of 2025 (and the rest of College students, grad students, parents and alumni).

I count Fama, Heckman, Hansen and Thaler for a total of 4 Nobel Laureates in the video.

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LOL, @85bears46 - don’t forget the benefactors as this video seems to be addressed mostly to them. There are intersections with the other groups too, of course.

I wonder if they are behind in pledges from the capital campaign. We are coming up to the end of the year as well so perhaps this is a way to help donations finish strong.

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Is this class of 2024 for high school going to college or for graduating college students?? Lol sorry wanted to be sure!

@iloveschool89 this is the profile for the class that entered UChicago this fall as first-time College students.

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I think UChicago is simply an exceptional school, which should be very seriously considered by any top performing high school student. I don’t think it’s HYPS any longer - the secret is out - but HYPSCC. Choosing among those schools involves flavors and trade offs but there is none that is better that UChicago in all or even most meaningful attributes. I’m not an alum so I don’t have a bias here.