Class of 2024 Singletary Scholars

Has any other Fall 2020 freshman been offered the Singletary Scholarship? I was offered it back in February (I immediately accepted it!) and want to meet others with it before we start in the fall!

Also, if anyone who plans on applying in the fall has any questions, please feel free to ask!

Are you OOS? What did your resume look like? My OOS DD is looking at KY but would have to have Presidential or Singletary to attend. She has a current GPA of 4.59, ACT score of 35, drum major for the marching band, captain of swim team, participant of other clubs/organizations and community service. Trying to get an idea if she has a chance. Reading Parks scholarship recipients for NCSU you have to donate a kidney and solve third world problems ;).

So sorry for the late reply! I was an in-state student! My ACT was a 33 and my GPA was 4.0 (my school doesn’t do weighted GPA.) For EC’s, I was captain of the quick recall team, involved in a student led service organization that I was also President of for 2 years, President of NHS, heavily involved in theatre outside of school, and helped plan my school’s annual walk for autism research. I also attended the KY Governor’s School for the Arts in Drama the summer before my junior year and the Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program the summer before my senior year. However, I do think the additional honors/competitive scholarship essay was a really important part of my application! I definitely recommend writing that essay and then sitting on it for a bit before submitting. The interview was also important, in my opinion. I hope that helped! Let me know if you have any more questions!

Thank you. She has applied and still waiting to hear if she was accepted into the college.