Class of 2024 - University of Connecticut

Applied ED2 to conn college, its a dream to get in. Let’s see what happens. I’m an International student.

UConn doesn’t have ED, ED2 or EA?

No. Priority app date is dec 1 to be considered for merit/honors. Decisions released 3/1.

@Wantogetin1 , Conn College (in New London, CT) is a different school. UCONN (University of CT is in Storrs) and this page is for UCONN. FYI


applied out of state (PA) for pharmacy. 1400 SAT, 107 GPA, 7/316 W and 5/316 UW, any thoughts?

@maggiedonlevie your gpa and sat would definitely put you around the higher end of admitted applicants as the avg sat score hovers around 1300 for uconn. good luck!

Anyone else have a countdown for March 1st and wishing the days wouldn’t drag on so much? I think it’s safe to say we are officially entering the home stretch!

Can’t wait!! UConn is my son’s number 1!!!

Omg yes. This wait is agonizing

Is anyone else getting this repetitive email about not having received the fafsa? We’ll triggered it twice now… I

i was looking at the thread last year and some people received their decisions around the beginning of february. does anyone know why they got theirs when most people get their decisions the end of february?

Yes, the School of Fine Arts releases decisions early.

Who’s OOS on this thread? Just curious. I’m in state. UConn not my daughters top choice but she isn’t receiving any merit money yet from any other schools so might be UConn by default.

We are in state as well, and UConn’s not Ds20 1st choice either. He liked it a lot, but just really wants the out of state experience. Doubtful he will get merit, so we will see.

@CTCape We are 35 minutes or so from UConn so it seems like it’s in our backyard! My daughter drives up there all the time to go to the library to get HW done so I think she’s just too familiar with it…we’ll see what happens March 1.

@jmsstb We are less than an hour away as well. Ultimately, I think he would love it if he went, but familiarity breeds contempt. There are enough kids from OOS and international to make it interesting, and it’s solid academically for everything he wants, but… Rutgers (one of his top choices) has proximity to NYC, and UMass (another top choice) gave him merit $ and has the 5 college exchange and idyllic New England college towns surrounding. Storrs feels meh/blah next to them to him. Hoping he gets in so we can at least convince him that a revisit is worth it!

@jmsstb My son has applied and we are OOS (NC).

@ctcape Funny that we are from NJ and Rutgers is not on our list but UConn is. My DD graduated from Rutgers, but it is large and impersonal. It took her 2 years after graduation to get her career going.

@H20resqdogs My DD’s #1 is NC State but she was deferred.