Class of 2024 - University of Connecticut

Starting a thread for the Class of 2024. Good luck to all. DD will be applying RD here and to 5 other schools. Two were submitted EA. If you here back from UCONN, let us know.

My daughter also applied EA. Applied to another school ED and another EA.

UConn doesn’t have EA, just a priority deadline of Dec 1 to be considered for honors and merit scholarships. My son applied for computer science, we live in CT. UConn releases decisions March 1st.
Thanks for starting this thread!

@philippians Is the netid how we will see our admission reply or is that a separate thing

Yes, I got to know UConn’s portal really well when my daughter applied 2 years ago. Once you submit the application, UConn will send an email with a link to the portal. You use the net id and password to sign in.

My son applied as well. Waiting until March 1st is going to be torture.

My son has applied as well, OOS (NC) for Linguistics

A financial aid thing popped up on the portal for me. Does that show for anyone else?

Yes, it says financial aid award available but you click on it and it doesn’t take you there. What do you suppose this means? Decisions don’t even come out until March 1.

My son has the financial aid award as well but when I click on it there’s nothing there. I don’t recall this happening last year when my older son applied. But, it does take you to the self service portal which is where the decision will eventually be posted. UCONN was the very last school my son heard from last year and it wasn’t until March so this likely doesn’t mean anything…

The financial aid award section has been removed.

My DD applied as well for pharmacy. OOS. Good luck to all!

applied to uconn priority for sociology : )

Applied to UConn Nursing. In state :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if UConn computer science program is as competitive to get into as UMASS Amherst?
Is there a minimum SAT requirement?

I don’t think there’s a minimum SAT requirement but you’d definitely need higher scores to compete compared to other majors.

I applied to UCONN on 11/19 towards Undeclared major for both Storrs and Stamford campuses. Not my top school due to it being $52K a year but definitely a dream school. Visited campus in April 2019. Out of state applicant. Will be coming back form senior trip when March 1st arrives so hopefully they give decisions through email.

Good luck to everyone who has applied!

@philippians In general, UCONN is slightly harder to get into than UMASS SAT wise, however, GPA wise it is the opposite. UCONN typically accepts students with an average SAT score of 1320 while UMASS average score is 1300. For GPA, UCONN typically accepts students with a 3.7 while UMASS, a 3.9. So bump the scores up a little bit for their Comp Sci major and they will still seem very similar as far as what they are looking for academic wise. Though anything can slightly change your admissions decision. Whether that’s EC’s or your essay.

Thanks for the info! When my daughter applied to UConn 2 years ago, the decision was on the portal on a Friday morning and a letter with merit aid arrived shortly after, it was all right around March 1. Can’t remember exact dates. They posted a teaser video right before with the Husky delivering acceptances.

good luck to your son! UConn’s linguistics program is very highly rated! (#24 in the country)(currently a linguistics sophomore at uconn)