Class of 2024

I figured I would start a new thread for now seniors in high school. I applied early action to Pepperdine and now the waiting is killing me. It is my first choice and I have wanted to go there since I visited with my older brother. My test scores are not stellar so I am worried I will get denied. I am OOS. My GPA is 3.7, lots of EC, good LOR, I think my essays are pretty solid and I applied as a Psychology major.

I applied EA too and this wait is killing me! My GPA and test scores are not very good so idk if I will get in.

Hey! I finally found a recent thread for Pepperdine XD! (Class of 2024 whoop whoop!)
I applied EA with a GPA of 3.53. and an SAT score of 1230. They’re decent I guess, but I have great LORs and ECs to make up for it.
Pepperdine is my #1 choice next to USC! I’d like to go in as a Journalism major. I checked last year’s EA thread. The majority of the applicants heard back on the 21st (a little too close to Christmas for comfort if you ask me lol) We’ll see what happens!
Best of luck! @NJB2024 @and2018

@ac_rome02 thanks for checking that! My D applied EA but I thought we wouldn’t hear back until Jan 10th, so before Christmas is better. Good luck to you!

@momof3co Of course! Thank you for the good wishes! Best of luck as well!

Hi! I also applied EA to Pepperdine, but ED’d to NYU as that is my number one school. Decisions for NYU come out in a week and I am SO nervous! My SAT score is not the best and I am scared that is going to be the deciding factor of my admission. However, all of my other stats are competitive.

@feldman4 What major and campus are you applying to? My friend also ED’d to NYU and I’m applying for RD.

I applied EA to Pepp with 3.97 unweighted gpa, 1480 sat, and 34 act. I am really hoping to get the regent scholarship, but definitely can’t wait to hear back! Hoping it’s before January 10.

@iram24 Incredible stats! Is Pepperdine your first choice?
My fingers are crossed for December 20. I’m placing my bets on that date if they follow through on what they did last year… guess we’ll have to find out sooner or later!

fingers cross for us

Hey there! I applied as a Biology major, with a 3.64 UW and a 31 ACT, with a strong essay, and lots of leadership and ECs. My fingers are crossed so so tightly for all of you guys! It’s such an incredible school.