Class of 2024

Just submitted my application! Fingers crossed! Anybody else out there apply to CSULB?

My D applied for the new BFA in acting. Super excited!

Yup! I’m planning on applying as an kinesiology major. How about you?

Waiting for decisions from only CSUs and UCs is rough! I guess it will be at least February before any Long Beach decisions are released?

My Brother got accepted last year on Feb 4. Fingers crossed

I applied for Business Communication

anyone heard anything yet

Nothing here

Doing an application status check will send you an email with current status of your application. My daughter’s currently says this:

We have completed an initial review of your application. Due to the competitive nature of our admission process, we will not begin sending admission decisions until February. We appreciate your patience during this process. We will contact you by email, so check your email account regularly for messages from CSULB. Be sure to respond to our requests as soon as possible but no later than the deadline given.

Does anyone status check says this even though they completed the Supplemental application and the years are wrong below

The current status of your application:
You must complete the CSULB Supplemental Application for Transfer on-line where you will report your progress in completing the CSULB major specific requirements including your Fall term grades and an updated course plan for Spring. Please note that for a Fall term admission, all coursework and unit minimums must be completed no later than the Spring 2019 term. The Supplemental Application must be completed no later than February 1, 2019. You can update the Supplemental Application as many times as you wish until this deadline. See Overview of the CSULB Supplemental Application. See Transfer Application and Admission to access the Supplemental Application on-line.

Are you a transfer student or incoming Freshman?


Has anyone heard anything yet?

last yr they came out a lot on the 4th and 11th (feb)

@jandj11 they probably want you to upload your latest transcript. Sounds like there are grades they are looking for? I know my brother had to send his transcript in after he was accepted for incoming Freshman.

Thank you. It changed this morning finally ?

any news yet?

Nope. I assumed decisions would come out today considering they did on Monday the 4th last year- but I didn’t get anything.

anyone hear anything yet