Class of 2024

My DD did ED at Rollins and she heard back today with the acceptance. Go Tars!!

Same here…DD is so excited! We toured twice and she fell in love with pretty much everything about the school. Nice merit aid came through as well.

Suzannecat, congrats. What will your DD be studying?

Thanks! Possibly Elem Education or Sociology. How about your DD?

Probably Biology with a Psychology minor. I’m waiting for the accepted students day information so that I can book the airline tickets. We live in NY so I want to get them before they get really expensive.

Same here. We’re in NY too (Cortlandt Manor). I think I saw something about some accepted students days held in the Northeast last year but maybe they do something on campus as well.

My daughter applied regular admission and received her admission on Friday.

The email we received today linked to the admitted students days schedule:

My daughter received an email saying that her financial aid offer had been sent in a separate email. But no other email. Anyone else?

My daughter was notified of a change in her application status on Friday, November 29th at 5:17pmEST and 1 week later (Friday, December 6th at 6:29pmEST) she got an email from with subject “20-21 Financial Aid Award Letter.” You should have your daughter check her spam folder, focusing on 7 days from whenever she got the change in application status email.

The award letter doesn’t show up in the portal.

She applied RD.

Thanks, Redhounds. She will go through her spam folder another time.