Class of 2025 Admissions Decisions ONLY - Pitt

Congratulations! What type of merit scholarship did he receive?

Thanks! The merit offer was the same one mentioned above that requires maintaining minimum GPA of 3.0.

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That’s awesome @Simster4328 congratulations!

Hi I hope I really get a Merit Scholarship! These are my stats:
GPA: 4.25 W
School: GAP Pre-Dietitian Nutritionist 5-year BS/MS program
8 AP classes
EC: internship with dietitian, worked with public health non profit, Secretary of government club, president of varsity choir

SAT: test optional
GPA: ~3.95 W
Rank: na
State Residency: international

Applied date: November 20
Decision date: January 7
Decision/College: School of Pharmacy trough the Guaranteed Admission program
Campus: Pitt

When did you get notified about your scholarship? Did you get notified through the portal or USPS?

USPS. From what was written previously, the offer letter comes out at least a month later. That was the case for us.

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My daughter did an interview for Stamps as well and hasn’t heard anything about merit. She is now waiting to hear if she made it to the next round. I see you posted this a bit ago so not sure if you are still waiting to hear on either Stamps or Merit. If you are - best of luck!

same to your daughter. they told me in the interview that we won’t hear about next round until early February

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My daughter was accepted mid October about 10 days after submitting her application. She is still waiting to hear about merit aid…

My son was accepted! He got email yesterday (1/16) telling him to check the portal where he had a congratulatory letter (PDF) waiting for him and also the Accept/Decline buttons.

SAT: 1410
GPA: 4.43 W, 3.8 UW
Rank: 41 out of ~380
State Residency: VA

Applied date: 12/15
Decision date: 1/16
Decision/College: Business (Katz) w/guaranteed grad school admission
Campus: Pittsburgh

No word on merit yet. Good luck all!