Class of 2025 Admissions DISCUSSION

Hi All,
I’ve renamed this group to be a DISCUSSION about applications for the class of 2025. Decision threads are to have ONLY decisions in them. I will make a separate decision thread.

For this thread, please discuss questions, timelines or whatever you want regarding this admission cycle. In the decision thread, please post ONLY decisions.

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Decisions are COMING out! Just checked the portal and was thrilled to see my offer of admissions.

ACT: did not submit
SAT: did not submit
GPA: 83%
Rank: NA
State Residency: international

Applied date: early September
Applied Early Action: YES
Decision date: October 20, 2020
Decision/College: Accepted into DUS
Campus: university park

@seasonalflavors8 CONGRATS!

I’m not 100% sure that the above poster is legit. It’s possible, as anything is, but would be far out of character for Penn State UP to accept a 3.0 GPA student at any time, let alone this early. Keep in mind that anyone can post anything!

It’s an international 83% - in many countries its a topnotch GPA. It could be true.

At what time of the day is the portal updated? So I dont need to check the portal ten times a day Lol

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@jlhpsu It does seem out of place. I assumed because that person heard back since he/she is an international student.

PSU typically sends out decisions in late November early December right?

@Djejbdn33i Same here, almost every hour or two lol

I checked the admission thread for last year and it seemed like some of the applications were starting to get replies at this time.

I have two other portals so it is funny to see me switch back and forth

@Djejbdn33i Yeah, I read the class of 2024 one and they started hearing back in early November. I saw most of the dates were 11/5, 11/7, and 11/17. So maybe we’ll hear back around then.

However, since the early action date was moved back to 11/15, maybe we won’t hear back till at least that date.

Ah, ok. Thanks for the clarification! Still seems very early but possible! I was just questioning it also because the poster is a new account with only one post. I guess I’m just jaded by the years on CC lol!

In the past, decisions rolled out starting Nov 2. However, with the delay to Nov 15, it could take that long. Nonetheless, it’s rolling admissions, so many will not hear right away.

I got my OOS acceptance to Penn State Oct 10. I checked application status and it was there. Big envelope arrived in mail 4 days later.


ACT: 30 (was finally able to get a test on Sept 12 in another state)
SAT: none
GPA: 4.12 unweighted
Rank: school doesn’t rank
State Residency: California

Applied date: Sept 20
Applied Early Action: yes
Decision date: Oct 10
Decision/College: Accepted/ Business
Campus: University Park

Honestly? I was surprised. Wasn’t expecting to hear so soon. I actually have been accepted to 11 of my 16 schools so far. Will probably choose my first choice if they offer me instate tuition waiver. Good luck everyone!

Congrats! I’ve never heard of Penn State offering an instate tuition waiver unless active duty military. Is one of your parents active duty and stationed in PA?

^my understanding is that Penn State isn’t this student’s first choice and it’s that university(1st choice) that might offer a tuition waiver.

ACT: not submitting
SAT: Not submitting
GPA: 3.962/4.0 weighted
Rank: 5/105
State Residency: Texas!!

Applied date: Oct. 17
Applied Early Action: yes
Decision date: N/A
Hi everyone I applied almost 2 weeks ago to Penn State University Park and I was wondering when is the earliest I could receive an admissions decision. My school is a bit weird as to there are no AP classes offered, but I have taken several Dual credit/enrollment courses with my cc. Since my school is an early college. I have had several job since sophomore year and have had 5 extra curricular s with leadership roles leading up to now. I also founded an organization with my community college, which is something I am very passionate and proud of. Could someone let me know what my chances are of getting in?

@jlhpsu can definitely answer this better than I can, but from what I’ve seen in past forums, PSU might send out letters at the beginning of November and/or around the Early Action deadline.

In the 2024 admissions decisions for Penn State, I read that many students got their decision either right before or right after the EA deadline. I think this year, the deadline is November 15th, which means they would start rolling out decisions around that time. We also have to keep in mind that the Covid could further delay that process.

That is my guess. I am a senior who applied as well and that is what I’ve seen in past forums.

Good luck though and you have an impressive resume so I’m sure you’ll get in!