Class of 2025 Decisions

Anyone know when decisions will be coming out? Feel free to discuss here!

they come out on December 17th for early action :slight_smile:


Daughter applied EA Environmental Studies. We haven’t done an official visit yet.

Daughter applied Early Action. Just a few more days until the decisions are out!

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UVM has a great campus, and Burlington is a wonderful college town. Great location, right between the Lake and the mountains.

Anyone know what time decisions come out?

Should be the 17th for EA. Good luck, everyone!

D21 got an email today from UVM saying EA decisions will be posted at 5pm on the 17th.


We got that email too! Good luck everyone!


Has anyone tried to log in and told that page is no longer accessible? Wondering if they’re preparing for tomorrow decisions.

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I just tried to log in to my daughter’s portal, and received a “403 Forbidden” message. I’m glad she is not the only one!

I got this too earlier today! Just tried again and now it’s just the regular portal. No decision posted, I guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow at 5pm! :grinning:

Does anyone know how the test-optional status will affect merit scholarships?

Decisions expected beginning at 5:00 tonight, correct? Do we know if it’s one large batch of EA decisions or if they’ll just begin releasing some decisions at that time?

I believe they release decisions for everyone at 5pm.

That would be refreshing

Yes, my daughter called and they said 5 pm est!

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The portal changed, can’t see withdrawal or add supplements option.


Decisions are out! But our son is making us wait 15 minutes to check them. Aargh.

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do honors college decisions come out with this decision or do they come later?