Class of 2025 - Released Schools

As some kids are making decisions, others are waiting to hear back from waitlists before they can decide. While we know there are other factors that go into getting off of a waitlist, it does help to see if things are moving. To that end, please post the name of the school, program, and date of the schools released by your DS or DD. We are almost at the end - just hang in there a little longer!


University Name - MT - Released 3/1/21

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Just to keep it super real - it’s not a 1:1 ratio. Between April 1 and May 1 a released school does not go to a waitlist student. It goes to another already-accepted student. Schools send more acceptances than they expect to yield by May 1, when everyone’s committed and put down a deposit. After years of experience, schools have a pretty good formula for how may offers to make to get XX acceptances.

So - waitlists can and do move, but the bulk of that action doesn’t happen until after 5/1. Unless a school is lagging way behind where they expected to be for the type they’re looking for in a coveted slot.

Hang in there, but also accept an offer by May 1 (or decide on gap year unless XXX) you can go with the dream school if you come off the waitlist in June, July or August.

Just like everything else in this process, not every school approaches their offers and waitlists in this way. Texas State, Missouri State and Elon have made initial offers at or very close to their expected class sizes and will move almost immediately to waitlists once students they offer decide to go somewhere else. TSU and MSU are requesting answers by 4/15. Bob Westerberg warned he would pull offers if a student did not commit by a similar date last year.


Great - let’s start an arms race on earlier and earlier commitment demands. Just what this process needs! I understand the motive, but that doesn’t make it right.

To be clear, Bob is more forceful than Kaitlyn in the expectation of getting early commitments. I do know specifically Kaitlyn is not offering to a yield and is kindly requesting decisions as early as possible from the offered pool. I sense Julio at Elon is handling this similar to these two schools based on history (Elon has always expected a high yield (and did not have a waitlist) and was left scrambling last year when it did not materialize). I just think they decided to add a limited waitlist to hedge another yield miss. I also get this sense from his communications to the WL students. I have not heard Elon is pushing for early commitments, just that when one decides not to attend, they will be moving to the WL immediately.

This is all great intel @MTDad2025 Programs are welcome manage their yield with waitlists. But it’s unethical to move the goalposts and demand (or even nicely request) decisions prior to 5/1.

Students should push back on anyone asking them to commit early. Just tell them you’re interested, obviously, but you need more time. If a school has made an offer to you, they want you and they can wait two more weeks from 4/15 to 5/1. You’ve rushed every step of the way to meet a million deadlines. And then you’ve waited and waited to hear whether you were accepted. You’ve earned this right to visit the schools (if possible), do the zooms, weigh the financials, bond with faculty and students and make an informed decision.

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I consider it unseemly more than unethical. The schools are no longer under a mandate to follow the 5/1 date due to the antitrust ruling a couple of years ago. If a student has choices and a school pushes too hard it risks losing the student. That’s the downside to this approach.

We’re just now down to the wire with visitations. My sons made the choice early on, that they did NOT want to visit anywhere unless fully accepted. Therefore making a trip somewhere, while still waiting on a decision from a school in the same vicinity, was not happening. Here it is April 7th- they’re school show runs 4/8-4/12, then other concerts, prom, senior commitments…we’re definitely not going to fit in all the schools they’re interested in. I’m sure there are many in this boat. And they are SO zoomed out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think if the student is in regular communication with the department head and explains the reasons (visits, class audits, financial aid, etc) for not meeting a department imposed deadline, they will be flexible and understanding.

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Marymount Manhattan - MT - Released 4/4/21

Also just to add that she’s female and a soprano. I know that some classes fill by voice or gender!


@MTDad2025 Unethical was probably too strong of a word and your “unseemly” is quite pithy. Let’s go with that. I do understand how difficult these last two years have been to navigate for program directors as well as student applicants, so it’s probably kinder to just cut everyone some slack and chill out. .

Wishing everyone on this thread all the best - here’s last year’s thread if you want to see waitlist activity. Like everything in this process, take it with a grain of salt.

Temple - MT - Released 4/7
American - BA - Released 4/7
Kennesaw State University- BA w/MT concentration - Released 4/1
All other academic acceptances released - 4/1

Note: Temple was very specific in the last email, once a commitment has been made, please let them know so that they can offer that spot to a person on their waitlist.

ETA: Boy - Tenor/Baritone, 6’2

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Alabama- MT- 4/5
Ohio- MT- 4/5
Millikin- MT- 4/6
Oakland- MT- 4/6
Rider- MT- 4/6
JMU- BA/MT- 4/6

All spots released for two boys

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Right there with you.

BOCO-MT (BFA)- Released 4/8
Emerson College-MT(BFA)- Released 4/8
Point Park University-MT(BFA)- Released 4/8
University of Connecticut-Acting (BFA)- Released 4/8
University of Hartford / Hartt School-MT (BFA)- Released 4/8

ETA:Girl-Soprano/Mix Belt/Belt, 5"4


Question…do we actually have to “release” schools that are just academic acceptances? Or are they automatically taken off the list after May 1?

Most schools have waitlists for academic applicants as well. Kids on those lists would appreciate earlier news just like ones waiting for an MT offer.