Class of 2025 - West Virginia University

Wow, this forum has been dead since October.

Admission decisions, scholarships awarded, honors, stats, etc.
Post em.

D21 was accepted and also accepted to Honors College.
WGPA 3.85
SAT 1320
2 APs 5’s on both; 2 in progress this year
Around 8 honors.
I think she got $12k OOS and an additional $2500 for something (it was a couple months ago!)

Still waiting on her March acceptances for a decision.

My daughter has been accepted as well for engineering and Into the honors college. We did a self guided tour a few weeks ago - she liked the campus. This is definitely on her list, they’re very generous with scholarship offers.

34 ACT

S21 accepted. Engineering
Varsity Soccer & Basketball All-State

Go First Scholarship $12k & WVU System Connection Grant $2500

I was just wondering how did your daughter find out about honors college. My son was accept today but no mention of honors college in the congratulations email.

she applied super early, but I think it says that the honors decision will come about 2 weeks after the regular acceptance. They automatically review all apps for the honors college, I think.

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Mine was accepted back in October
3.85 unweighted/4.67 weighted.
15k merit

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Thank you, I think he should get in unless it’s full already. He has 3.97/4.77. Will your child attend?

Thank you, will your daughter commit?

I doubt mine will. She wasn’t wild about Morgantown. She’s still waiting on her top 2 schools, but we will need good financial packages to make those work.

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Same, we are waiting on about 5 others… this was a safety but if he gets rejected at the others it will be a nice option.

Did you apply ED or RD?

RD, sorry I just saw your message.