Class rank for private schools..

<p>I attend a private high school of a total student number equating to about 300.
That's kindergarten through 12th grade, folks. With that being said, my senior class has just six people. I'm 4/6 with a gpa of 3.9/4.0; in other words, the three people ahead of me have less than a point difference in terms of numeric average. (I think one is 100, 99, 97.5)</p>

<p>What happens? Will certain scholarships that require you to be "top 10%" automatically rule you out, though you meet or even "super-meet" their requirements for eligibility? </p>

<p>I didn't think anything of this until, well, this year.</p>

<p>Thoughts? Should class rank be a deciding factor? And yes, I know that like 90% of students go to public HS and thus, class rank is very useful. What about homeschooling? More so private schoolers, though - they can get royally screwed...</p>

<p>Just venting. |: Really annoyed that I'm not in the running for a scholarship due simply to my ranking.. (I meet 2/3 eligibility requirements BUT class rank.., and as you can see, class rank for my specific senior class is very unrewarding as we're literally less than a point difference amongst us.)</p>

<p>Is this just how it is?</p>

<p>The very best academic private high schools rarely rank. Students from these schools are not at a disadvantage in any sense relative to public schools that often rank. Colleges (and especially the most selective colleges) know the academic private schools very well. They understand the transcripts, the available courses and the school’s grading policy (conservative or liberal). In practice a significant number (30+ % in some cases) of students from such schools are accepted into very selective colleges.</p>

<p>My advise to you is to talk to the counselor at your school to better understand how the system works. I’m assuming that your school has such a person.</p>

<p>It could be a big problem if you apply to Texas public universities (which use rank instead of grades/GPA). Perhaps less so at others where rank is less important or not considered.</p>

<p>Scholarships that depend on rank may also be problematic.</p>

<p>Does your school calculate and report rank, or have you figured this out informally?</p>

<p>They do it themselves. ^
It is on our transcripts, too.</p>

<p>I’m not worried about it in terms of college… just scholarships are what bother me.</p>

<p>With only 6 students in the senior class, your school should not be reporting rank if it cares about its students. Have you discussed this issue with the GC or principal? They may not have considered the impact such a ranking system could have on apps and scholarships.</p>

<p>Talk with the principal/guidance counselor.
That’s what I did and the school now allows us to choose to report our rank or report as “unranked”.
This is because we had several new students (including me) come from new schools and it messed up the rankings alot.
Not only that, we only have 25 students in our senior class so a guy with a respectable GPA may not even be in the top 20 percentile because of a few decimal points difference in GPA.</p>