Class Rank?

<p>My friend who is currently a Junior was wondering whether class rank will be a huge factor....he has a full score on his SAT/SAT Subject tests in one test sitting. A total of 16 AP exams by the end of his senior year, an IB diploma candidate, Elected to be president of both the National Honor Society and the Senior Class, and he is the founder of the economics and politics club at his school. However he is very saddened to hear that he will be ranked between 60 to 70 out of his class of 350... his dream is to go to Yale. Please help him:)</p>

<p>Well 60-70 / 350 is around top 20%</p>

<p>That's below average for Ivy Schools but his GPA matters in this situation. A 3.7 and 3.9 would make a huge difference in this case. </p>

<p>Also, you asked for CC to "help him"? How could we possible do that? Just tell him to try harder, what can I say?</p>

<p>Well, all of this GPA is so confusing. Our school uses a 6.0 scale. i was ranked number five at the beginning of my junior year. I took the hardest course load of anyone in the top ten (7 AP or pre-AP classes.) Well, because all of my grades in these classes counted towards my GPA, students who only took 4 AP classes jumped ahead of me in ranking, since they had fewer classes to worry about. I dropped to number 10. What should I do senior year to get my ranking back up?</p>