Class Repeat Question?

<p>Is it better to get a C in a class and not be able to retake the class or is it better to get an F and retake the class and get the grader higher?</p>

<p>Many people prefer to do the latter- my counselor told me this. It depends on what class, I'd eat the C if it was a really awful GE course (like if you're a non science major and taking bio+bio lab or something) that would take way too much time out of your future schedule that could be used for more important classes. One C won't kill you.</p>

<p>I got two C's. Although that semester my mom had an accident and had to take care of her.</p>

<p>I wasnt able to work my full potential because my grandma was having heart surgery and that was my first semester at college. Do you think that the university I transfer to will look down upon me because I am a dental major and I got a C in psychology.</p>

<p>no, but you already knew that.</p>