Class Schedule?

<p>Does anyone know when we get our class schedules?</p>

<p>I assume that you are an incoming student. You will determine your class schedule when you register for courses on Day 2 of SOAR at 1pm. In the meantime, you can work with the wishlist function after logging in to your MyUW student account. You can also use to help you create schedule options.</p>

<p>Yeah, you're able to call your own shots with respect to classes at UW - you'll pick everything you sign up for. Madison85 is completely correct, class selection happens at SOAR. Don't get your heart set on a particular schedule with particular times just this second - there will be a lot of variation in the availability of classes between now and your registration time. Stuff will open and close daily, so don't fret if something is closed right now.</p>

<p>Start getting the mentality that YOU are in charge of your life- you choose, unlike HS where choices are made for you with only some input from you. SOAR will help you make the mental shift.</p>