Class Selections and Financial Aid money for freshman

<p>When do freshman pick their classes and receive their money from financial aid?</p>

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<p>You will be assigned a random registration time that will take place the last week in august.</p>

<p>Financial aid comes when your dues are almost due.</p>

<p>The FA money is put into your student account about two weeks to a few days before your tuition is due. If you have more FA than your tuition/housing costs, the extra money left over will be put into your bank account the first day of the quarter (if you have direct deposit), or youll have to wait for a check in the mail.</p>

<p>Do direct deposit otherwise you might have to wait a week or two AFTER school starts to get extra FinAid money. And don't worry about registration fees and such b/c Financial Aid will cover that before the first day of the quarter.</p>