Class Size and Grading

How big is the average inter lecture (for subjects like Calculus, Bio, or Chemistry)? Also how difficult is it to get an A in an intro class such as these? Is there any grade deflation?

  1. I've seen a chemistry professor in a lecture auditorium of 50+ students and an another chemistry professor in a classroom of 20 students. I've had a calculus class that held 80 students one semester. The next semester my calculus class held 60. My biology class held 30+ students, but that is below average.

In different words: for introduction science courses, unless you’re in a special program that purposely create a small class around 20, class sizes have a wide range leaning towards a large classroom or lecture hall.

  1. Depends on how much effort you put into the work, and how detailed or explanation driven the professor would teach the class
  2. It's up for the professor to decide.