Class size

Can anyone who has a kid going here tell me something about the class sizes? We are looking for a small school for our DD and at one of the schools they said that a couple of the intro courses can have 100+ students in them. To me, that defeats some of the beauty of the small school/get to know your professor aspect. Maybe some of the sciences will have bigger classes since that is a specialty here. Thanks for the help.

Almost all my classes had less than 20. I knew all my professors and was even invited to their homes for dinner occasionally.

Thanks @chb088. What is your major/minor?

You may not have read my other posts. I graduated in the 90s. Econ major. But my friends children go there now and say class size is the same. The one exception may be Intro to Psych, which had 50+, but that could have changed. Ask specifically about that class if you’re interested in it.