Class Sizes

<p>How big do classes at UD get? Particularly intro classes?</p>

<p>It varies. My smallest class (Honors Anthro 101) has only 9 people in it. My largest (Geology 107) has about 200.</p>

<p>Do you think professors are accessible and willing to teach?</p>

<p>Are all the honors classes that small?</p>

<p>I have yet to have a "bad" professor -- but granted, I am still a freshman. I definitely have had professors I prefer over others, but I have yet to come across any who are horrible at teaching or simply don't care. All the ones I have had make a point to remind us about office hours and do a good job in class.</p>

<p>Some honors classes are bigger, my honor microeconomics class had about 20 people in it. However, there's a cap put on the number of students in each honors class, and I believe it's usually 20. So they definitely won't get as big as most of your regular section classes.</p>