Class T-shirt

<p>Did they give out Penn 2014 t-shirts during previews? I just got off the waitlist so obviously I missed that ;)</p>

<p>No. Your class board will probably make a class shirt that is kind of lame and doesn't even have the school colors on it...</p>

<p>You'll get all your free swag (Wharton shirt, etc..) during NSO (New Student Orientation, week before classes start)</p>

<p>No, I wish...</p>

<p>thanks fighting quaker!</p>

<p>Yes, actually. Wharton students received navy shirts with "Wharton Class of 2014" printed on the side.</p>



<p>how can I get one now??</p>

how is the class board chosen? can you still run for that as a freshman?</p>

<p>Every class has a class board. So yes, there will be a 2014 Class Board that you can run for in the fall (there are different positions such as President, Vice Chair of Finance, etc. and voting is online). Also, freshman can run to be a UA Representative or School Chair. The UA (Undergraduate Assembly) is one of the student government bodies at Penn.</p>

<p>@Stupefy, they'll probably give them out again during NSO, along with a bajillion other free things :P</p>