Classes already full?

<p>I have orientation session 106 in a few days and checked URSA for available classes. I'm a life science major and on the listing of classes chem 14a, math 3c, life sciences 1 and 2, and physics 6a are all full. Is this true or do more classes open up? I'm worried that I won't have any classes to sign up for. Appreciate any responses.</p>

<p>You normally don't take LS or physics classes for your first quarter (and they are already filled by sophomores/juniors). For chem 14a and math 3c, they reserve spots evenly for each orientation session. You will be put into a lottery for your session for those spots and you will see if you get into those classes on the last day of orientation. Your counselor will put in a request (you don't need to sign up on URSA at orientation) and hopefully you get in.</p>

<p>They are actually full, however you can sign up for the lottery.</p>

<p>i was in orientation 103 and i was lucky to get into chem 14a. basically wut u gotta do is make a backup. so lets say Chinese70W would be my backup for chem. i have to make sure that it fits with my other two classes. then i have to see if i, supposedly, got into chem 14a, would chem 14a be able to fit with my other two classes if i had drop my chinese 70w. FURTHERMORE you must make sure u look at the finals. professors will not look for you or change a date just for you. u gotta make sure in advance</p>

<p>Thanks for the response guys. @noxfinite, what do you mean to look at the finals? Sorry I didn't quite get that.</p>

<p>Oh so basically. Finals</p>

<p>The FINAL EXAMS FOR THE you gotta check. Like some classes i wanted has the same final on the same day at the same hour. You can't take those classes. You gotta drop one of them, because the finals conflict, you have to either choose one or the other or plan to take both classes but skip one final entirely, which no one in their right mind would. </p>

<p>Basically find classes that have finals a different day, preferably. i mean you could take finals in the same day, but they are 3 hours per you could probably take a 9-12 and a 3-6 final on the same day...but it isn't preferable.</p>