classes and students at UCR

<p>okay i'm thinking about going to UCR at this point. i plan on majoring in bio, also interested in going to dental school. i've got 3 questions for UCR students:
1. are grades curved in most science classes?
2. do most freshmen live in dorms their first year?
3. lastly, if you could describe the UCR student body in one word, what would it be?</p>

<p>1.) can't say "majority" or not, but many are for me as a CS major (CS, Math, Chem, Physics courses)</p>

<p>2.) Yes</p>

<p>3.) Diverse/mixed</p>

<li> All science classes I've taken have been curved</li>
<li> I'm not sure about "most", but it's certainly not uncommon</li>
<li> Asian</li>

<li>I HEARD most classes are curved.</li>
<li>70% of freshmen live in dorms their first year.</li>
<li>Diverse, but mostly Asians.</li>

<p>1.) Well, I've only take physics and the exams were curved. Idk about other science classes.
2.) Yes, many freshman do live in the dorms but some commute too.
3.) The student body is pretty diverse I would say. There are a lot of asians though.</p>

<p>Here's a breakdown of how my classes worked freshman year - </p>

<p>1st Quarter -
-Chemistry 1A - no curve, traditional 90 A/80 B/70 C/60 D scale (but with redemption for improving in test scores)
Class was crazy easy</p>

<p>2nd Quarter -
-Chemistry 1B - curved, I think it was 85% for an A
slightly harder
-Bio 5A - curved (bit more than the chem class)
Kinda hard (although that's cuz I hate bio)</p>

<p>3rd Quarter -
-Chemistry 1C - curved to 85% for an A, but with redemption points for improving in test scores
tests were easy but material covered got kinda weird
-Bio 5B - crazy curve, like a 60% for an A
Hard tests, lots of material to cover</p>