Classes are all closed?

<p>My enrollment date is supposed to be tomorrow, August 2, and I noticed that pretty much all the classes I wanted [or needed rather] are closed. Am I mistaken or is this just completely unfair.</p>

<p>In case you were wondering, the classes I needed are Cowell 80A, Chem 1A, Math 22 and all of the classes are closed. Am I just stuck with nothing to do [I'm not willing to pay 30k tuition just to take classes I shouldn't be, it's not fair].</p>

<p>First come first serve. That's what they told us on Orientation.</p>

<p>Cowell 80A will have room for you. Take Chem1B instead (Chem1A is not a prereq). Take a GE instead of Math - you're ahead of the game with math anyhow.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, I was not able to attend orientation and really received no information about classes until I believe less than a week ago in slugmail. </p>

<p>Anyhow, I added the following classes [premed, biochem major], please help me figure out if I need anything else to add, or rather should remove.</p>

<p>BIOL 186L - F 3:30-5:00
CHEM 1B - MWF 9:30-10:40
CHEM 1B - M 12:30-1:40
COWL 80A - MF 2:00-3:10 + W 5:00-6:45</p>

<p>My Friday looks packed but I'm thinking about adding BIOL 105 to be able to take Biochem labs next year/semester [ugh still confused about this entire thing without a counselor/advisor to talk to].</p>

<p>Help me out?</p>

<p>@ Cowell: you should look at the UCSC Biological Sciences website. There's a sample of what classes you should take for your major as a first year. Just a suggestion.</p>

<p>Biological</a> Sciences Undergraduate Program then click "Getting Started in Biological Sciences"</p>

<p>I actually have another question, is it possible to take a class for which you are not able to attend a day? For example, a Math 22 class is available MWF from 3:30-4:40 but I will be in another class on Fridays at that time. Do I have to run it by the professor or can I just go ahead and do it [or not do it]?</p>

<p>@ MassDistraction</p>

<p>I am a BioChem major and AFAIK, my prereq are Cowell 80A, Chem 1A/1B, and Math 19A/19B/22 [I'm going for a BS in Biochem].</p>

<p>But thanks for the reply.</p>

<p>no you can't do that. It won't even let you sign up for classes if they run during the same times. Also I would leave a bit of time between classes in case they are across campus</p>

<p>get in contact with your major advisor or maybe even your Cowell advisor would work. Seems like you need a bit of guidance.</p>

<p>You won't be able to sign up for Bio 105 as you haven't completed the prereqs (bio 20A/B) and 186L is for undergrads who are already working in a research lab and want to apply their time to credits. It also has a list of prereqs that you haven't completed. Sign up for Chem 1B if you can (did you take the chem placement test?).</p>