<p>I am planning on visiting the school on Tuesday, I am considering transferring to A&M from going to a couple community colleges and UTA for a couple years to get the basics out of the way. I was wondering if some current or former students could provide me with some details on things like the professors, class sizes, and what type of classrooms they have there (auditorium style, desks, tables) and how social the place is. </p>

<p>The schools I have been going to have been about getting in and getting out, how easy is it to socialize and meet people at A&M versus these kinds schools, if you have had experience with them. I'll be 21 on 2/21/2012 and live in Plano, outside of Dallas right now.</p>

<p>I understand the location of College Station and am perfectly fine with that. Any details about the city would be great too. If there is a thread with most of this stuff in it, let me know but I haven't really come across one yet in my searches. Thanks!</p>

<p>Edit: I will be majoring in MIS (Management Information Systems)</p>

<p>I can't comment on the class style/size for a MIS degree, however I can give you some details about the university in general.</p>

<p>The campus is very much different than UTA (considered a commuter). There are many activities going on around campus, and are many student organization to consider to join. Check out Organizations</a> | StuAct Online to read about the different organizations. Also, most students are very involved in the sports programs, and not just the usual football, baseball, basketball. It's definitely a unique environment. Try living on campus in a dorm (at least initially) to experience the full social spectrum.</p>

<p>I see, thanks. Well I really dislike the idea of dorms on campus because I don't like the bathroom sharing situation. I looked into private rooms and amenities but they don't seem to have them. I'll ask them about it when I go on Tuesday. Any advice on what I should check out while I'm there, where to go and anything like that?</p>

<p>there are some dorm rooms you can get for just yourself - be sure to ask about them, you wouldn't have to share a bathroom that way ;)
There are lots of apartments that have roommate matching service and most of them are set up for students with every bedroom having a private bath. I think you will be fine and not have to share - one bedroom apartments are pricy - but an option for you as well.
Your class size after you have completed your basics really depends on your major... and I don't have a clue to class size for MIS
College Station is a true college town. It is all about Aggieland.</p>

<p>Oh really? Yeah I'll definitely have to ask about that, I would much rather live on campus and go that route. Do you know if they have them listed online? I was looking at some apartments that were at least 8-9k a year with just rent.</p>

<p>I really only have like 1 or 2 basic classes to do depending on if A&M requires more than my current school. MIS consists of computer classes and business classes so I imagine they will be medium sized.</p>

<p>there may be a better place to look - but this is a good start
Residence</a> Hall Living</p>

<p>notice the "single" by some of the residence hall names - there are several</p>

<p>Mis classes are small. The 30 people range. You can be close to campus without staying on campus. You can find a place just behind Northgate, everything from private dorms to renovated duplexes. I stay off of Marion Pugh which is really accessible to West campus and the business school.</p>

<p>^Perfect thanks, I'll mention that to them because I'm assuming that all mor most of the classes are going be in the same building right? I've only been to community colleges and UTA up to this point. Also, about how much a year, ballpark, do you pay for your apt/dorm?</p>

<p>All business classes are in Wehner. Especially junior and senior level ones...there are two types of apartments on and off Marion Pugh right now. The right side which are all older but cheap and huge. Then the left side which is new and nice and small. I'm on the right side paying 350 for a two bedroom. Lol, on the left side 650/person is the going rate for a 4 bedroom with 3 other roommates.</p>

<p>350 to share a two bedroom, I mean.</p>

<p>Oh wow, 650 a person with 3 other people? Damn lol I'd rather have the bigger place.</p>

<p>Yeah I might consider a room mate but I'd probably rather just find a one bedroom/one bath place for myself if they are there. I guess these are pretty much in walking distance? I saw some buses when I was up there yesterday which seemed pretty cool. I didn't get to stay long because it took a lot longer to get there than we expected coming from Dallas but there was a lot of construction going on around Joe something street by Kyle field.</p>

<p>MP is definitely the closest distance to West campus. I'd call it more biking distance, but I hate the time and effort it would take to walk. Lol
I have a friend that bikes it all the time, I think he said .8 of a mile one way.
The bus situation sucks for heading to Wehner, you'd have to hop onto a bus to main and then to Wehner. No bus goes directly to west campus from off campus.</p>

<p>Lol yeah I don't think I'd be up to walking that distance either but it looks like I could just drive from there or anywhere and park in that west campus garage and walk to Whener or get on a bus or something. It doesn't look that far but I'm going to the prospective student center in Arlington here in a couple hours to get some more info.</p>