Classes for a First Semester Freshman


Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I was wondering what courses would be recommended for a first semester freshman.

I’m a community college student, and I want to attend law school. I have an interest in film, I want to pursue it as a minor.

You need to sit down with an academic advisor. It’s great you are interested in law school- but first, you need to get a bachelor’s degree, and none of us know what your required/recommended courses are, or what distribution requirements you are going to need to fulfill.

slow down! Law school will be there when you are ready, but you really can’t pick your freshman courses with an eye towards law school. Law school requires learning to write, think, analyze,… i.e all the stuff that your courses should be teaching you anyway.

Can you make an appointment for a phone call with your advisor?

Take GE’s (English, math, science, history…); make sure that they are transferable to a four-year. Also, research your local four year public Uni (where many students from your juco transfer) and see what courses might be required to transfer into a Film major.

For example, this is what UCLA requires:

Most students start college by taking general ed requirements. I suggest you: 1) look at your college requirements and 2) talk to your academic advisor about your potential major and aspirations for law school and come up with a coherent academic plan.

if you are going for an associate’s degree at a community college there should be a list of all the courses you need for the major and general ed. Some may have prerequisites and need to be taken in a specific order. If you plan on completing the degree in 2 years over 4 semesters there may be a mapped out way of doing it or your advisor will help you.

If you are not going for an associate’s degree and know where you plan to apply to for a bachelor’s you can talk to your advisor regarding that as well. You can also talk to admissions where you wish to transfer to and they may be able to offer some guidance though they don’t guarantee classes will definitely transfer. Unless you are transferring to the same system such as a state school often the more basic general ed classes transfer the easiest though each school has its own rules.

Thanks for your response. I want to transfer to a private Florida college.

You’d take freshman composition, a math for non science majors course (applied statistics for instance) OR a science for non science majors course, a social science course (such as cultural anthropology, human geography, economics, political science…), a humanities or art class, sometimes a foreign language class, sometimes a freshman “learn about college” seminar*. Look at Rate my professor and make sure to have at least two smaller classes (25 or fewer) in order to make the transition easier.

*it’s the only course in college where, if you do what you’re told, you get an A. Many freshmen make fun of the classes -many things will seem obvious but remember they’re not obvious to all, or they wouldnt have been included, so someone needs that lesson or chapter. Among kids who make fun of the class, many will have wasted an easy A- resist that temptation, count yourself lucky that some of the course content seems obvious, and dont waste the easy A.

Assuming your first goal is to transfer to a four year school, look up the pre-transfer requirements for the four year schools you are considering. Choose courses that will fulfill (a) the specific pre-transfer requirements, (b) additional general education requirements, and © any frosh/soph level courses needed for your major.

Many four year schools have articulation agreements with nearby community colleges so that you can know what courses at your community college you can take to fulfill requirements at the four year school.

Others may be able to help you better with specific course recommendations if you name your community college and your target four year schools.

If you want to transfer to a private college, keep a copy of all the syllabuses for all your courses. They will need them when determining if you get credit.

I would advise you to consider also public colleges in the state you are in as you know exactly how your credits will transfer.


Hm, yes, that’s true. I considered the University of Florida, but I felt it wasn’t for me because it was too large. The college I chose was a small LAC, which I prefer. I want to transfer back to it. Though I guess it wouldn’t be considered transferring because I would be a readmit.

Why did you leave your LAC?

I left my college because of personal reasons; my divorced parents made a living situation difficult, and losing a close friend of mine did not help. I wasn’t emotionally or mentally ready because of a certain situation. But I’m gonna change that though. When I re-enroll full time in January, I’m not repeating the same mistakes I made.