Classes for prospective engineer?

<p>Will it hurt me if I took APES instead of AP Physics B Junior year if I want to go into engineering? I enrolled in APES, and it is to late to change because at the time i thought i wanted to major in Environmental engineering and I thought it would be the best course and now i realize it's more of an elective?</p>

<p>How much will this hurt me at schools like wisco-madison, illinois UC, etc. </p>

<p>I am still taking AP Physics B Senior year, but now won't have the opportunity to take Physics C senior year, which is what you need for engineering.</p>

<p>Will you be taking AP calculus? Really, if you have a physics course of any kind, you should be pretty well off. A lot of engineering programs want you to take THEIR physics courses so they make sure you are on the right page. If you are mathematically prepared, you will do fine.</p>

<p>yeah but only AB because again, my GC said it didn't matter which one i took and AB would let my GPA be higher. I found out now that i need BC -.-</p>

<p>Why do you think you need Calc BC? This is not an absolute. The greater question, is did you take AB because it was easier and a better bet for a better grade, it was a better fit and although challenging you felt you could do well, or you didn't want to bother with BC because you might get a 'B' which would drag down an inflated GPA. Those are very different reasons. Make the choice of AB/BC that is the correct fit, most challenging, where you can excel (and therefore learn the material).
You will not be shut out of any college for not having Calc BC. The greater concern may be if you have avoided harder classes to avoid lower grades, or conversely if you have taken classes beyond your capability for the extra AP points and been unable to keep your grades up.</p>

<p>i didn't avoid it, i barely even chose my classes. My GC jsut said I would have a higher GPA in AB and i should take it.. so i did. i didn't really know about any of this til i looked at this site.</p>

<p>Engineering schools will want you to have taken Calculus and Physics in high school. It isn't required that it is AP Calc BC instead of AB, or that it is AP Physics C instead of Physics B. However, taking AP Physics B will not get you credit for the first-semester calculus-based physics class that engineering students take, but AP Physics C might. However, not everyone chooses to use the credit and advance to the second semester directly anyway.</p>

<p>Do any of the schools you are applying to require SAT subject tests? Most engineering schools require both Math Level 2 and either Chemistry or Physics. If that is the case, you could be better off switching the order of Physics and APES, so that you can take the Physics subject test at the end of your Junior year.</p>

<p>My post was intended more to point out, take the hardest class that you can, that you can learn well in, without sacrificing a grade (ie C). Calc AB isn't going to keep you out of any engineering school.
Not being fully engaged in your own scheduling of classes is another matter. Your GC may not have pointed you to the wrong class, but it was for the wrong reason. I don't have as much knowledge about the Physics classes so I won't try to give you advise here.</p>