Classes not listed!!

<p>I just checked my ED app. When you enter in the info, there are two fields to enter in additional classes. When you print your app to an adobe, it doesn't include the second thing to put your classes in. Ahh, what's up with that?</p>

<p>I can't believe no one else had this problem!</p>

<p>I wrote a post on this issue a few days ago. My son had the same problem. There is definitely a glitch in the Penn Online app in that it eliminates the second class under "other".</p>

<p>I took a look - you're defientely right. And thank G*d too, because I didn't notice the "do not put non-academic classes" and had listed an elective in the 2nd term. I also have "photojournalism" as a listed class - is this a problem? It's not technically academic, but we make the entire yearbook and it's counted as an academic in the GPA, it's a lot of work, etc.</p>

<p>Latin II and AP Psychology got cut off! My college counselor said that they'd look at my transcript, but I'm totaly nervous!</p>