Classes to take at Community College

Hi, I am a rising senior in high school. I plan on applying as a civil engineer for colleges like the UC’s. I am deciding if I should Introduction to Computer Information Systems or Introduction to Computer Programming with C++ at my local community college. I am concern if I will not do well in the computer programming class. Any suggestions?

If your community college has a “computing for engineers” course (typically with MATLAB), that may be worth a look if you want to go into engineering other than computer engineering.

I was thinking of two options
Option 1: Intro to Computer Information Systems and Intro to Sociology or a Psychology class.
Option 2: Intro to Computer Programming C++.
These were the classes I was approved.
I just want some suggestions if I plan on applying as a civil engineering.

Computer information systems is more of a business IT type of subject. I.e. managing computers and software rather than designing and developing them.

Introduction to computer programming in C++ may be helpful generally, but you would probably still have to take a computing for engineers course.

Sociology or psychology could help you fulfill general education requirements.