Classes to visit?

<p>Hey, for any Pitzer students lurking on this message board, I was wondering: Are there any classes / professors I should be sure to sit in on when I visit this March? Any suggestions would be appreciated!</p>

<p>Just don't plan on Fridays, there are only about 5 classes open.</p>

<p>What days/times are you going to go to classes? I can give you the full list to choose from depending on the time.</p>

<p>If few classes are on Fridays. The special days for admitted students are on Fridays. Does that mean they would not be able to attend a class?</p>

<p>I don't think classes are part of the admitted students day schedule, but you could probably visit one anyway.</p>

<p>FYI, here are the only Friday classes at Pitzer:
The World Since 1492
Medieval Thought
Transcendental Functions
Calculus I, Calculus II
Handmade Film
Psychological Statistics
Math for Teachers I: Numbers and Operations</p>