Classes with lighter workload.

<p>I'm taking Chem 103, Calc 221, and Econ 101 and I'm looking for another class that has a lighter workload and is fun/interesting. Preferably something that satisfies the ethnic studies or breadth requirements. Can you guys make some recommendations and help me out?</p>

<p>zoology 101</p>

<p>Entomology 201</p>

<p>Environmental Studies 113 - Humanistic Perspective</p>

<p>Thanks guys! I'll go check out these classes.</p>

<p>Anthropology 104!</p>

<p>Satisfies ethnic studies and humanities, and was the easiest class my freshman year. Try to get it with Zao/Zhao (not sure on the spelling). Finished the final in 17 minutes and almost everyone got an A</p>