<p>As far as I can tell, students only have four courses per semester, right?
And two semesters per year?
What is "short term?"
Do any of the classes go beyond 5PM?
What is the daily schedule like? Classes between 9-5, lunch at noon?
Can students bring their iPads to class for note taking, or is it strictly pen and paper only?</p>

<p>Well I'll post. D was a freshmen last year.</p>

<p>Normal is 4 classes a semester. Classes are from 8-4 I believe. Lunch just depends on your class schedule and when you have free. I know that she did have a class that started a bit after noon Spring semester.</p>

<p>I know that she doesn't bring her laptop to class but says that a few do. I don't think that they will stop you from having it in class however I suppose that could depend on the professor and the class. She is more of a pen and paper person anyway.</p>

<p>You may have reviews scheduled in the evening depending on the class</p>

<p>During short term you take one class for the 5-6 weeks. Depending on the class it could meet for only a few hours a day or could meet from 9-4 with an hour off for lunch several days a week.</p>

<p>Hope this helps.</p>

<p>Very helpful and interesting. Thanks RochesterMom.</p>

<p>There are a number of short term courses that go abroad or of campus here in the US as well. Shakespeare in London and Theater in Budapest (my son did that one and they traveled to Vienna and Prague to go to shows and the opera) are two from past years.</p>

<p>Oh, I get it now... it's two semesters, plus a 4-6 week short term that makes up a school year (at Bates).</p>

<p>I have another question, but I don't want post another thread, so I'm just going to post here: I recently saw a video for the senior class fund, and one of the seniors looked like he had his own bathroom... Do any of the residence halls have dorm rooms that have their own bathroom? Or is there a coed shower and restroom stall on every floor? And if so, how many per floor? I think I'm staying at 280 College, but if you know the numbers for any other residence halls, I"d love to hear them too.</p>

<p>280 College was where D was last year. It's the newest dorm and very nice. The dorm is split with laundry rooms and study rooms in the middle. There are both his and her bathrooms (multiple stalls and multiple showers) on each floor. On D's floor last year the girls stored their bath products in the bathroom so they didn't have to carry them in every year. It was a really nice dorm.</p>

<p>Can you create your own course for the 1-course spring term -- something you want to do off-campus, or do you have to select from what Bates offers?</p>

<p>For Short Term, you can choose a course offered by Bates (some of which, as mentioned before, go abroad; there was one this year to Nantes, in the Brittany region of France), do an independent study, do a local internship, or do research for a professor. One of my friends (a first-year who is a music minor) did one in a cappella musical arrangement. His adviser was the choral director, who also teaches students voice. The five songs he arranged will be sung by his a cappella group, the Deansmen. One of my other friends did an independent study in gender studies and specifically examined the queer scene on campus for students who don't identify as heterosexual. It culminated in a proposal for a Gender and Sexuality Resource Center on campus, which he presented to President Hansen and Dean Davis in a meeting. The proposal was accepted and the beginnings of the center are currently taking shape. As you can see, you can do incredible things during Short Term that you wouldn't have the opportunity to do during the regular school year.</p>