Classical Bass vs. Jazz Bass

<p>I'm a senior in high school, and I play the bass. I started upright bass my sophomore year in high school, and, while my jazz upright playing is pretty good and above average for the amount of time I've played, I've got minimal experience with a bow. I do have a tendency to learn things fast, especially when I have a great amount of motivation like in a thing like this that I want to do my whole life, but I'm extremely nervous about trying to learn a classical piece if I have to. Does that minimal experience with a bow lessen one's chances on getting into a bass studio or anything like that?</p>

<p>Not at all. I believe the only school my son was required to play a classical music piece was Eastman. My son was using Eastman’s bass and he felt like he totally messed up his bowing and played horribly. He still got in.</p>

<p>Bass is not as competitive as some other Jazz instruments, so depending on your particular year the competition might not be as intense.</p>

<p>Thanks you so much! You will not believe how much stress you just alleviated me of…</p>

<p>My son also did not have much experience with bowing. He wasn’t required to play any classical pieces at any of his auditions. He did prepare “My Funny Valentine” using the bow. I’m not sure if he actually ever had to do it though.</p>