CLASSICAL SINGER MAGAZINE: Anybody out there competed in their annual competition?

<p>Looking for college bucks and a chance to audition for some of the bigger music departments, I came across the Classical Singer's Magazine competitions and college fair in NYC this May. Looks from their list of participating schools that it's a great fair for wanna-be singers. Has anyone out there actually sung in the competition? Any reviews of the process? Any insight from admissions folk on the site, as to how valuable the whole thing is, for the young singers? Thanks!</p>

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<p>There may be info there, or specific contacts. Hope it helps.</p>

<p>My daughter did it twice - made the finals and then couldn't attend due to major conflicts with recitals and graduation. Personally, I think anytime you audition it is well worth it. There are alot of colleges there and you were able to speak directly with the representatives - in alot of cases the vocal dept heads - and ask a slew of questions and pick up more material
then you could hold.</p>

<p>The audition was done very professionally - 3 judges and a provided accompanist heard your two arias (or songs) and then you could advance to the next level. There were also alot of the summer program representatives like AIMS in Gratz who could hear you and offer you scholarships. Getting your voice out there to be heard is important. It is also very informative to see how other kids your age are singing. We loved watching the AUDCOMPS emerging professional division.</p>