Classics Major for Pre-Architecture?

Would it work to major in Classics for an undergrad and go into architecture for graduate school?

Oscar, go to the website of an architecture grad program, and look at the pre-requisites.

@oscar321 Can you get into an MArch program with an undergraduate BA in Classics? Yes, but a “qualified” yes.

First, as @blossom mentions you have to fulfil the MArch program’s admission requirements. These vary from program to program, but generally will include coursework in art studio, art history, physics and calculus. Some require two semesters of physics, some require one semester, some require none. Some MArch programs offer “catch up” courses in physics, calculus, computer skills. Check the individual Schools of Architecture for details.

You’ll also probably need to take the GRE, write a personal statement and provide recommendations.

Most importantly, as far as I’m aware, all MArch programs require the submission of an art portfolio. Again the importance of the portfolio will vary from school to school, but in general it is a critical factor in admissions. The schools will give instructions on their websites on what they expect to be included in the portfolio. The objective would be to demonstrate a facility with various media (especially drawing), creativity, design sense and presentation. Architectural designs are good, but not strictly required.

Most schools of architecture offer two channels to the MArch degree. These are often (but not always) called the MArch I and MArch II. Applicants who have BA, BS degrees in architecture or architectural studies (or even BArchs) will usually get advanced placement and therefore can complete the MArch faster than applicants who don’t have an undergraduate background in architecture.

Although all accredited MArch programs offer the same core courses in design and structures, program requirements and advance placement rules vary widely.

MArch admissions committees are looking for a balanced class by gender, by academic experience, by life experience, by racial and economic diversity, by age. Many students choose to work in architecture for a year or two before applying. Many already have careers as architects, as engineers, as artists – maybe even classicists. Most schools of architecture are generous with information. Contact them!