clemson acceptance

My son just got his acceptance packet from Clemson today; we were a bit surprised (although he had gotten the provisional acceptance letter back in August), since we thought acceptances wouldn't be mailed until Feb. 15, but anyway, he was accepted into engineering with OOS tuition waiver and $2000 plus waiver of the deposit with a chance for more scholarship money in the spring. Just wondering if any others got this same packet so early.

<p>Yeah, me too! I was recently accepted as an engineering major - same waiver, money & scholarship opportunities.</p>

<p>When did you submit your application? Just wondering because I also received the notice that I will be hearing back Feb 15th.</p>

<p>2/15 is the target date by which the bulk of applicants will hear final decisions -- but for highly qualified and competitive candidates, they send out these earlier acceptances</p>

<p>This might sound a little weird, but what did the packet look like?</p>

<p>I ask because today i recieved a large packet from Clemson titled undergraduate announcements that was 253 pages long. It didnt come with an acceptance letter or anything, but at the same time it didn't feel like an advertisement for the school.</p>

<p>ya john90 i got the same thing....Idk wat that means....? let me know if you find out what that was for</p>

<p>The book you got was just the complete listing of classes -- for some reason they send that to every applicant.</p>

<p>The packet my son got was an official acceptance letter, along with the scholarships they are offering. The letter was accompanied by a 50-page brochure telling him how great Clemson is, along with information as to what to do to accept the offer of admission.</p>

<p>what were your son's stats?</p>

<p>when did he apply?
i applied end of october and to the honors college as expecting a decision mid january</p>