Clemson or UNC?

<p>I'm a North Carolina resident, but I have the SAT scores for in-state tuition and the Honors College at Clemson. I love them both and I can't decide! Which would you choose and why?</p>

<p>Definitely choose Clemson! The honors college is great here and I love it here! Let me know if you have any questions!!</p>

<p>There is a bit of a difference in culture. Also in prestige. Though I am not a prestige hound and generally disregard such notions. </p>

<p>I believe Clemson has a larger conservative community than UNC-Chapel Hill. UNC is a predominantly liberal campus, both students and faculty. </p>

<p>Both are in the ACC and highly competitive in sports. Your pick. </p>

<p>If you are a resident of NC, you may want to get away and see new people. UNC is notorious for being a gathering of all your highschool buddies....which may or may not be a fun factor for you or your worst nightmare. I am a bit of a maverick and not a big liberal, so Clemson would appeal to me more. But I am not you.</p>

<p>I think Clemson is a tad smaller as well. Both attractive campuses, both with strong programs. </p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>If the costs were similar, I would go for Chapel Hill. I prefer a larger campus, a larger student boy, and Chapel Hill has a better academic reputation.</p>

<p>That's true, costs need to be considered but Clemson has a large enough student body to feel like a large school while being mid-size and offering everything a large college has but on a smaller level. Clemson's academic reputation is rising and if you're in the honors program, you'll be even more challenged at Clemson.</p>

<p>Reasons to choose UNC:</p>

<li>Better reputation</li>
<li>Stronger academically</li>
<li>Noticeably more selective</li>
<li>Noticeably more diverse</li>
<li>Better social scene (in my opinion)</li>
<li>Cross-registration with Duke and more available resources</li>

<p>Reasons to choose Clemson:</p>

<li>Intend to study engineering</li>
<li>Prefer football to basketball</li>

<p>warblers, I would add architecture to the list for Clemson too and another reason to choose Clemson would be the honors college.</p>

<p>Hmmm, I hear great things about both colleges! Yes, I'm not much help but I think you have two good choices. UNC is more selective and tend to get a better rep on CC but take that with a grain of salt.</p>

<p>well, i am going to study liberal arts or business. not engineering. that's not to say clemson doesn't have a fantastic program for history, business, or psychology, but that's another factor. i'm probably not chapel hill honors college material, so maybe big fish/little pond at clemson would be better than little fish/big pond at carolina?</p>

<p>i feel more at home at clemson, and i get the vibe that unc is more snobby. i know that's not everyone but clemson just feels more welcoming. would you say this is true? problem is, i feel like unc is more prestigious, and i don't know if i should give up that opportunity. do you think it's worth fussing over?</p>

<p>and thanks pierre i'll keep that in mind!</p>

<p>haha I'll refrain from commenting on this any further since it's pretty obvious that I'm biased. Most of the students that I've met at Clemson are very friendly. If you are in the honors college, I think that adds something more to Clemson and graduating from the honors college sounds good too since it means you get the best out of Clemson.</p>

i'm probably not chapel hill honors college material, so maybe big fish/little pond at clemson would be better than little fish/big pond at carolina?


Honors colleges are generally overrated. In any case, the honors program at UNC is not limited to incoming freshman - if you feel you are not "honors material" now, it's possible to apply at the end of your first semester and the end of your freshman year.</p>

<p>As for being a "little fish" at Carolina...well, that depends entirely on how motivated you are. Professors have standard office hours but are more than willing to make appointments or talk to students dropping by, and all of the professors I had at UNC knew me by name by the second or third day of class. Several took a direct interest in my studies, two were mentors for my senior thesis, and one wrote me a recommendation letter for graduate school. I even got to research objects in the Ackland museum and the new classical collection...all of this as a Duke rather than UNC student. I can only imagine the resources available to an actual Carolina student.</p>

i get the vibe that unc is more snobby...would you say this is true?


UNC is not quite the friendliest school I've come across (Wake is), but it may come in second. Carolina students are usually pretty friendly people. Whenever I'd be out sick and have to ask for notes, I'd have five or six sets of notes emailed to me by people within 30 minutes or so, as just one example.</p>

<p>Oddly, Carolina fans can be a lot more snobby than actual Carolina students (at least, this has been my experience as a Duke student). I'm not quite sure why that is.</p>