Clemson school of nursing class of 2025

My daughter wAs accepted into Clemson under her second choice major- she would like to be in school of nursing- does anyone know how difficult and if it is possible to transfer from her accepted genetics major into school of nursing?

My daughter is in the same situation. I found some info online info. they reference 2020 stats. looks somewhat limited to change.

I dont know specifics about Clemson but I can say it is VERY hard to transfer into a nursing program of a direct admit school. As noted on their own website, the average GPA of those who did was a 3.9. Covid has reduced space at some clinical sites so while there is a need for nurses, there isnt always places for them to train and learn so growing class sizes is not quite feasible right now.
Basically schools are getting way more applicants for nursing school than they have spots. A student hoping to transfer into a direct admit nursing program basically has to get a 4.0 their freshman year and hope and pray other students either fail or drop out to open up spots.

If theres another school that is direct admit into nursing, I would take the safer bet and go there. If money isnt an object, she can always get her bachelors in a different field and do one of the accelerated bsn or direct entry second degree programs after (but those cost upwards to 50-60k at some places).


This was very helpful. Thank you

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Does anyone know how many nursing students are accepted each year for Nursing?

Around 175.