Clemson, South Carolina, UGA, UNC

Hey everyone,
I was wondering if you could chance me for the listed schools above. I am a white female living in NC attending a Catholic school. This is my junior year.

(What I’m most concerned about; it should go up dramatically after this year because junior year is the first year we take APs at my school.)

SAT: took test this weekend, scores should be in in a few weeks. Could someone possibly tell me what scores may be necessary with my GPA or in general?

student council, key club officer, peer relations program, mission work, alter server, cross country and track

Academic Achievements:
National Honors Latin Society, National Honors Society (should be awarded at the end of the year)

Current Schedule: AP Biology, Honors Pre-Calc AB (the easier one-math is my weakest subject), Peer Ministry (theology involving additional community work), Honors Latin III, AP Language and Composition, AP US History, and H Yearbook Editor

Thanks for any help/feedback!

I accidentally left out NC State as well. Please anyone??