Clemson University or SUNY-Stony Brook for MS in Electrical Engineering?

<p>I am a graduate international student from India. I have got offer in both Clemson University and SUNY-Stony Brook for MS in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Communication and Signal Processing. I have not been offered financial assistance by both. Not yet able to decide which one to go for.</p>

<p>I would like to know what are the relative strengths/weaknesses of these 2 universities, particularly w.r.t.
a) Chances of getting funding at a later stage
b) Opportunities of doing CPT/OPT and after-MS job opportunities
c) Academic environment, especially in Electrical Engineering area
d) Any other area of importance</p>

<p>Finally, any suggestion as to what should be my final destination – Clemson or SUNYSB?</p>