Clemson Waitlist class of 2025

Hi everyone I was waitlisted for Clemson this year and I saw last year they had a waitlist thread so I am making one this year so we can discuss and update each other.

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Does anyone know how many were waitlisted??? Seems like a lot.

My son is on the waitlist as well.

My son waitlisted as well. OOS from Colorado. This is his top school choice. Praying a spot will open for him.

I don’t really understand how it works with hearing back in june. Could we hear back earlier? Because we have to put a deposit down for somewhere in may

I don’t want to be Negative Nelly here but take a look at the Clemson Common Data Set from 2019 and it appears only 6 students from the WL were offered admission for the FA19 term. 2607 students were offered a spot on the WL and 1097 accepted a spot on the WL of which 6 (!!) were actually admitted.

It may be different this year due to COVID and there may be a lot more WL spots that open but it’s not a high number, IMO.

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Surprised by the number of waitlists at ALL colleges this year. The math for admission officers must be hard with so many deferred from last year, use of common app, etc.

Our D had 1300 SAT, 4.4w GPA, 2 Varsity sports, captain sr year, and officer on YMCA Leaders Club. Clemson must have had a strong applicant class.

I agree. I don’t think it’ll be a lot of students pulled from WL this year. If Clemson is still your top school, definitely be happy with your 2nd choice as that may very well be where you end up. Good luck, everyone! (daughter was waitlisted; not hopeful)

I am just a high school student but I was reading about the bizarre process that has been 2020-2021 college admissions. I believe that with the rumored record increase in applicants I am assuming a lot of high stats kids applied and thus the previously average accepted Clemson student was waitlisted. I think a lot of this has to do with taxes for F19 and the fact that so many people went unemployed last year but the FA packages are determined on the previous years income. Meaning, middle class high ranking students needed a lot of backups that were not going to cost them 80k/yr. For example, I think RPI was extending the deadline because they were hurting for applicants since they aren’t an ivy but cost as much as one. I have a feeling a lot of students will be turning down their acceptances for higher ranked schools this year and a lot of the people waitlisted will end up being offered a spot. Expect the unexpected in terms of college admissions this year.

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If you go back to the two prior years though they took over 400 and over 800 respectively. I think colleges don’t know what to do with yield this year and are being cautious and waitlisting kids who might have otherwise get in. I expect that waitlists will actually move a lot this year–similar to what happened last year (we don’t know how many fall 2020 kids for Clemson came off the wait list as that wasn’t published yet)

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You are correct in that the numbers vary greatly from year to year. 2016 there were only 3 admitted out of 659 that accepted a WL position. 2017 there were 876/924 and 2018 449/1153. I share your belief that waitlists will move a lot this year. Will it go back to 2017 or 2018
ratios? Hmmm.

This definitely was a very competitive year of applicants for Clemson. Some of the applicant profiles that were denied or WL’d this year would have been Admit in years past, IMO.

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I agree I believe they are playing it safe and waitlisting more then usual but will end up taking a lot off waitlist and end up being admitted

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No one knows how many were waitlisted this year? Any easier majors to switch to to increase chances?

Clemson was a target for my D and she was waitlisted. I do wonder with so many kids blasting out crazy numbers of applications to see where they can get in and how much money they can get, how this will affect yield for these colleges. If Clemson waitlisted kids that normally would have gotten in any other year and would have chosen Clemson, those kids are going to find another school to commit to and fall in love with. And if the kids Clemson did accept were just looking for a safety school, I do wonder if their yield will suffer. My D ended up turning down her waitlist spot. She’s not waiting until June to figure out where she’s going and she has other great options. Nor does she feel like it’s fair to stay on the waitlist just to “see” if she would have gotten in. Good luck to all of you who are hoping for good news. This year has been crazy.

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We visited and our tour guide told us that 2 of her friends were on the waitlist last year. Also, we called Admissions and they said they do not take students one by one off the waitlist. So there is still hope!

Let me rephrase… 2 of her friends were accepted into Clemson and they were waitlisted.

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Called Admissions and asked that…they said no.

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What did you ask Admissions?

I know that they said final decisions will be made in june, but does that mean they all will come out then or could some be sooner?

I asked admissions that if you were waitlisted, could you switch majors? They said no. Also, admissions said they do not take students off the waitlist one at a time- many students in the past have been admitted when they were on the waitlist.