Clemson Waitlist class of 2025


I assume that we’ll get an email saying our portal has updated. Just a guess though! I hope we get accepted!

My S FINALLY committed to Lehigh today! What a journey! Good luck everyone!

Wondering if anyone has heard from Clemson and gotten off the waitlist? Any updates? My DS is still waiting and hoping.


Haven’t heard a word but wondering the same. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for your reply. Hoping both of our kids get lucky!

I spoke to admissions today and they told me they have over-committed for fall so even if they lose a few people who have already committed, they won’t pull from the waitlist for fall. The next step is offering January admission. So disappointed!

I know many schools did the same thing this year as far as offering January admission. I wonder how many Clemson will offer this option and how many would take it?

They didn’t tell me numbers. It sounded like there would be enough spots to offer hope for the die hards who want to go regardless of entry point. Should hear by early June.

I just got in for January admission!! IM SO EXCITED


I also just got in for January!!


Congratulations! Are you going to accept? My son is in for January, too, and is wondering how many people enter then? And what’s it like?

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My son received an acceptance for January today as well.


Do you know how many students start in January?

Is he going to take it? My son is leaning in that direction - Clemson was his #1 pick, but he’s wondering how a January start will be. Do you know how many students start then?

Was notification via mail or email?

It was his 1st choice, but he accepted a scholarship to Auburn for ROTC. Good luck with everything!

I think he must have received an email.

My son just got in for January, did not get an email but checked his application portal and saw the update posted yesterday. Wonder if there may be a forum that could be created for the Jan 2022 admitted students that are going to accept the invitation - to share plans, resources ideas?

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Great idea!