CLEP study tips

I’m a hs sophomore planning on taking some CLEP exams over the summer in subjects that I have no prior knowledge about & was just wondering if it’d be better to study for 1 or more tests at a time…Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you taken American History or Government in hs? If so, check out the flashcards and work until you gave them memorized to 95%. There’s lots of crossover between the US History 1 & 2 and Government CLEP exams. I took all 3 with 1 month total study of the flashcards after completing the courses in high school.

Analyzing & Interpreting Literatire is just straight reading comprehension and literary devices. If you are good at that you will pass.

If you study for the SAT take College Comp & College Mathematics right after both are very similar to the SAT.

If you don’t pass you can take the Clep again in 3 months. Only scores over 50 are reported in the Clep final transcript so colleges will never know how many attempts you made.

Take the College Algebra CLEP as soon as you finish Algebra2 in hs.

I plan on going to TAMU which doesn’t accept literature CLEP credit so should I still take it…
I haven’t taken American history or govt but I’ll be taking the AP tests for those next yr…& im taking Algebra 2 now so I’ll take that one soon…thanks so much for the advice :slight_smile: