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Getting Around Cleveland…Case students get a RTA pass with their tuition

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Restaurants near campus, some are good student prices:, great baked goods!

Nice list of things to do:

The Chocolate Bar in the Cleveland Arcade, closer to downtown:

The area near campus is very lively. As folks above have mentioned the campus is next to several museums and cultural sites: including the Cleveland Art Museum.

CWRU and The Cleveland Art Museum worked together last year on a huge $15,000,000 landscaping project: The Nord Family Greenway. The greenway connects the western edge of the university’s main campus to its West Campus parcel, home of The Milton and Tamar Maltz Performing Arts Center at The Temple – Tifereth Israel and goes right in front of the Cleveland Art Museum.

A week or so ago they had the opening and I thought the video that was posted did a nice job of showing the area:

(You might have to cut and paste it, or see it on this link )

It is even more beautiful in person than it is on the video. I believe they have partnered again and have now started another project to extend the landscaping along a nearby river to meet another large park near campus.

Not far away is Coventry…

I still remember a Hot Grumster at Grum’s Sub Shoppe

Come in the morning, and people are walking dogs, grabbing a cup of coffee, eating a home-style breakfast, stopping by the hardware store, chatting with neighbors on the street, doing their banking or taking an early yoga class before work or school.

Visit in the afternoon, and it’s coming alive. Restaurateurs are serving everything from thick milkshakes and vegetarian specialties to fresh sushi, gourmet subs, comfort foods, and Asian cuisine. Shops with unique vintage toys, clothing, books, accessories, antiques, groceries and imported goods, are welcoming regulars and newcomers. With their heads held high, clients are walking out of the salons, barber shop, and tattoo studio looking their best.

Arrive in the evening, and it’s a place for dinner, live music and entertainment. Coventry Village is a people watchers delight as students, artists, musicians, locals, and tourists mingle, filling restaurants, nightclubs and bars with the sounds of the night.

After finishing two years at Case, my son shared an off campus duplex with another undergrad in Coventry. He liked the walk to campus and living in Coventry. Cleveland is really pleasant in the summer months, the weather is cooler than other midwestern locations and the festivals and sports are fun. The Cavaliers play in the summer and it’s great fun to watch that at a Cleveland sports bar. Students often end up loving Cleveland. Its a small city with good buses and trains, things to do like dancing, music, sports and restaurants and easy to learn to navigate and get around. Its easy to drive in Cleveland if your student brings a car to campus too. About half the juniors and seniors seem to bring cars but those from the west coast tend not to bring cars.
It’s easy to Uber if needed or go with friends to activities that require a car.

Son just graduated from Case and we said goodbye to Cleveland a few short weeks ago, at least for the immediate future. Never would have thought Cleveland would be a town we would come to love - but, we did. Cleveland Museum of Art is a jewel in University Circle, as is Severence Hall. Cleveland orchestra is one of the best in the country, if not the best - Two favorite food places - L’Albatros patio dining in late spring/early summer/early fall. Presti’s Bakery for decadent breakfasts. Hope to have more reasons to return to Cleveland. Even if LaBron has chosen to abandon you Cleveland, we never will.

@ProudDad26 I don’t know if Cleveland sees it that way…I think they see it as LeBron promised to come back and win a championship…and he kept that promise.

@ProudDad26 I miss Cleveland so much, son graduated 2017. If you get back try this restaurant in the Tremont neighborhood, called Parallax, a fish and sushi place, pricey and elegant!

We took our family and our son’s senior thesis advisor for a meal here, when L’Albatros was booked and loved it!

@Coloradomama - We also love L’Albatros and Parralax. We were in Cleveland last month for our son’s wedding. Both bride and groom are CWRU grads. We didn’t have a chance to eat at any of the Zack Bruell restaurants but we usually make our way to at least one when we are in Cleveland.

CWRU has one of Architect’s Frank Gehry’s buildings…see #19

I love this thread @bopper! Cleveland is such an underrated city and is soooo awesome! So many great restaurants, culture, sports, and outdoor activities in all seasons.

Coventry Village is a great Cleveland neighborhood for breakfast or dinner. Its a little less than 2 miles down Mayfield Road to the east of CWRU. and is a “Harvard Square like” neighborhood with nice duplexes. Case students rent
here in the summers as it costs less than renting an campus suite room in the summer. Coventry is a nice housing
option for students in co op assignments or on campus summer research at Case or Cleveland Clinic Hospitals.
There is a bus to campus from here-

Its in between University Circle and Cleveland Heights

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