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<p>Hi, I wanted to see how I'm doing so far for some competitive colleges. (: </p>

Rising Senior
Southern California
Public School, think it's pretty good...we have 3000 students, and this year we have at least 2 kids accepted to Stanford, 1 going to Harvard, 5-10ish going to Berkeley, many others going to assorted UC's
Career Aspirations: very unsure...top choice right now is a doctor, but I don't think I want to major in science (although I do really like biology)...I love love love learning in general, but I'm particularly interested in the social sciences and will probably major in International Relations, Political Science, Public Policy, or something similar</p>

Total weighted: 4.43
Total unweighted: 3.9</p>

<p>SAT: 2250 (CR: 800 W: 800 M: 650)</p>

<p>SAT II: Literature: 800
US History: 800
Biology M: 800</p>

<p>AP Calc BC: 5
AP Language & Literature: 5
AP Biology: 5
AP European History: 5</p>

<p>12th grade AP classes: AP Government, English 4AP, Chemistry AP, Econ AP</p>

--Speech and Debate team (9-12), Secretary (12), currently have Degree of distinciton, involvement increasing each year, compete in public forum and LD debate, and original advocacy and original oratory speech, went to state in OA this year my most important, time consuming, and enjoyable formal EC
--READING (10-12), have always been a HUGE bookworm and voracious reader, now mostly read adult contemporary fiction and classics
--Participation in BeWISE (Better Education for Women ins Science and Engineering) (7-12), attend various workshops (all free) throughout the years including day long events at places like a nuclear power plant, CRES, SeaWorld, the USS Midway, etc., in order to learn more about different applications of science. I've also participated in the longer, more intensive summer programs (see below)
--Amnesty International (10-12), president (11, 12), we promote human rights by holding letter writing campaigns, screening movies, making posters, and etc; focus issues have included freeing prisoners of conscience and preventing needless deaths from childbirth
--Hospital Volunteer (10-12), will have over 200 hours by the time I graduate
--Future Voters of America Club (10-12), co-president (11, 12), discuss current events and issues, try to get students interested and involved in the democratic process
--Children's Relief Coalition (10-12), fundraiser (10,12), Vice president (11), the club fundraises in order to support an underprivileged sponsor child in South America --Nominated for and attended The Jenna Druck Foundation Spirit of Leadership Conference, means I also won Spirit of Leadership Award (10)
--NHS (10, 11)
--California Scholarship Federation (10, 11)
--Exercise at the gym(9-12), five days a week, 8 hours a week, counts for independent PE this year</p>

Before 10th:
--One of 12 girls accepted into the Young Women in Cancer Research Oncofertility Academy, which is a part of BEWiSE. As part of the program, we had various sessions on the UCSD campus and other locations in which different scientists taught us about the many issues relating to oncology and assisted reproductive technologies. We each designed research projects and created full size scientific posters for them.</p>

<p>Before 11th:
--Traveled to Washington DC, also Washington state
--Attended weeklong SPAWAR physics and engineering bootcamp, which was also a BEWiSE program, learned the science behind motion, antennas, electricity, and robotics, found out about various different careers in engineering, got to construct and program our own lego robots</p>

<p>Before 12th:
--Attended 2 week long LD debate camp at UCLA
--went on family vacation to Zion, Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas
--will be going to east coast to visit Haverford, Swarthmore, Brown, and Yale</p>


University of Chicago

Anyone? Any kind of advice/comments/constructive criticism is appreciated.</p>

<p>The only thing you should focus on is you grades and studying the math SAT. Take the October SAT, and get an 800... Other than that Good luck!</p>

<p>No worries here, you seem to be in very good shape...once you get that SAT Math up to a 700 or so, I can't conceivably see you getting rejected at any of these places. Brown/Rice could be a slight reach with the current math score but definitely within your grasp. Now it's time to work on those essays- all those LAC's place a premium on writing skills (which I don't doubt you have, given those 800s in CR, WR, and Lit, as well as your OO experience). </p>

<p>Congratulations on a very successful high school career! And you said you visited Yale- Why aren't you applying? It's a reach school, but I think everyone should have 1 or 2 reaches on their list :)</p>